In March of 1995, a journey began that would allow an opportunity for dreams, talent, dedication, hard work, commitment, imagination, and innovation to all come together in one organization known as Best Fender Products. Driven by the leadership of its founders, BFP has become the industry leader in manufacturing of fabricated trailer components. Our vision to do things differently set a path followed by many more to come.

As the years have added up, the evolution of the business has continued with a commitment to perfection that was instilled from the very beginning. Over more than 25 years, BFP’s growth has been truly amazing. What started as a modest trailer fender manufacturing company has grown into a world-class enterprise. The family has grown in number and experience. The blessings are more than can be counted. BFP works with the best employees, the best suppliers, and the best customers in the world!

Today’s leadership reflects the foundation that was prepared in the early days. There are over 500 years of collective trailer industry experience throughout the management group. Most of the people within the BFP team have expansive experience manufacturing trailers so they know first-hand how to identify opportunities for improvements with each customer. BFP understands the mutual benefit that comes from sharing its success with our customers as we grow and succeed together.

Finding unique manufacturing solutions that add value to your business is what BFP does better than anyone else!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to earn and protect the trust and respect of the people and companies that we work with every day.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build an organization on a foundation of core values that will never be compromised. In this organization, our greatest asset will always be our people, & our real equity can never be valued by a balance sheet.

Our Core Values

Dependability, Integrity, Unity, Passion, Pride, Trust

Our Promise

Do what’s right, every time... no matter what the cost.

Our Goal

Be better today than we were yesterday and be able to say that every day.

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